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Amber Cassidy

: 0402-569-757

Making travel dreams come true with personalised, detailed, researched Itineraries.
Specialties: Solo Travel & Coach Touring

My passion for travel started as a young child, thumbing through my mother’s 1970s postcards. It has taken me to over 30 countries as a backpacker, resident, and tourist.

Today my passion lies in filling my client’s senses with the wonders that the world has to offer. Everyone can read about Paris in a book or see the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt on a movie.

I want to satisfy your wanderlust, so that you can delight in tasting the freshly baked croissants in Paris before you experience the magnificent view from the top of the Eiffel Tower yourself !

I am here to individually personalise each trip. I meet with clients in the comfort of their preferred meeting place: a phone call, your home, my office in Laurieton, a coffee shop or over a glass of wine in a lounge. We discuss your vision for your trip,  your previous experiences, your expectations and your budget. I will then provide all available options , not just a pre-packaged deal, to realise your dream vacation.

I take pride in growing my business with referrals from my clients, which is a sign of their satisfaction and confidence in my services.

So if you’re in need of help from an experienced travel professional in creating you a comprehensive European itinerary or a great deal on a coach tour or cruise- you’ve definitely come to the right place.

As you think about where you’d like to travel for your next getaway, rest assured that you now have someone who will make things easier for you and who will help you manage your trip including any unexpected changes along the way.

Having worked in the travel industry for 7 years as a retail agent, wholesale agent, and tour escort, you can be assured that I go above and beyond to make your experience more than you could have imagined.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for travel with you, providing personalised, detailed service to help you create the holiday you have been dreaming about.

What my clients have to say


Fil Bufalo

“Everybody’s looking for something… Lost Socks, a new sofa, a good time, the best possible loan…. But ill bet you no ones look for ‘Amber’ and her cosy little travel agency. Yes the Amber who can book you a trip and get you settled into your holiday digs in the wink of an eye. The very same Amber who will bend over backwards to get you settled with your holiday. Start looking for Amber- She’s the best
in the travel business!”



“We really appreciate your kindness and great service. The fact that we have a contact person who oversees our trip makes all the difference. Everything can be done online these days but there are certain situations where customers need to speak to a real person who takes care of their needs in person, who can clarify uncertainties and take care of special requests. This is the kind of customer service that we received from you, Amber. It is because you took care of our son’s first overseas trip so well that my husband and I decided to also book a Trafalgar tour through you.”



“As always amazingly professional! Did not expect this so quickly! Thanks for all the information and for our very cordial and informative chat this morning. Just as an aside, initially my first phone call was just a casual inquiry but after chatting with you, your knowledgeable, professional advice and courteousness won both of us over. Thank you once again.”



”Great idea about being an Independent Travel Advisor as having the same agent the whole way through make such a better experience as there is alot to consider along the way and it has been great ‘spring boarding’ ideas off you and booking directly through you, plus I have loved your honesty and integrity”

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